Preview Breast Augmentation in 4D

by Nana Mizuguchi, MD on August 31, 2009

Women seeking breast augmentation often have difficulty visualizing their final results.  Traditionally, breast implant volumes are used to determine the patient’s final desired volume.  This method is often inaccurate and confusing.  Now, Louisville, Kentucky, based board plastic surgeons, Drs. Calobrace and Mizuguchi, at the Cosemetic Breast Center would like to introduce a new 4 D imaging system for previewing post-operative results.

Other morphing softwares manipulate the captured images to determine the patient’s desired breast size.  The plastic surgeon then decides which breast implants to use to meet the patient’s desires.  This method is highly subjective and confusing to the patient.

The system from Precision Lite uses multiple high-speed cameras to create a three dimensional image.  Additionally, anatomical landmarks are instantly analyzed giving valuable information to the plastic surgeon.  Chest wall asymmetry, nipple malposition, and breast fold levels discrepancy can be easily visualized.

Actual breast implant volume and shape is used to determine the desired result.  The Precision Lite system has all the saline and silicone gel breast implants available from Mentor and Allergan.  Changes in volume and profile of breast implants can be instantly visualized in 3D animated image.

I have used this system on my patients and the excitement for surgery is overwhelming.  In the next few blogs, I will show some images from this program.

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