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Meet Our Team

4 Team Members
  • Dr. Nana Mizuguchi

    Dr. Nana Mizuguchi

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Nana Mizuguchi is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Louisville, KY who specializes in aesthetic procedures of both the face and body.

  • Emmy Baker

    Emmy Baker


    Emmy Baker is our trusted APRN who helps Dr. Mizuguchi deliver excellent patient care and cosmetic results through her many years of experience.

  • Audrey May

    Audrey May


    Audrey May brings years of nursing and medical experience to Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, and she loves helping patients reach their aesthetic goals.

  • Kristy Ray Sheehan

    Kristy Ray Sheehan


    Kristy Ray brings 17 years of nursing experience to Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, and she makes sure patients feel heard, educated and safe.