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what is Clitoral Hood Reduction?

The clitoris is protected by a layer of skin referred to as the prepuce. This skin is necessary to prevent chaffing, discomfort, and the area from becoming desensitized. However, sometimes the prepuce can be larger than normal and protrude further than you may want it to. This condition may be caused by genetics, trauma, or childbirth. Excess skin around your clitoris may not only be unattractive and make you feel embarrassed, but it can also produce discomfort and irritation when wearing certain clothing or performing certain activities, including sexual intercourse. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi is sensitive to these needs and uses absolute discretion when performing a clitoral hood reduction at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery. This surgery is minimally invasive and can reduce the size of the clitoral hood by removing the excess skin and tissues that are causing it to protrude. If you are ready to restore your appearance, then please contact our Louisville, KY plastic surgery practice today. 

What Are the Benefits of A Clitoral Hood Reduction?

If you're uncomfortable with the look, size, or functionality of your clitoral hood, Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery can assist in addressing these concerns with a clitoral hood reduction. This surgical operation diminishes the size of the clitoral hood, making the clitoris more prominent in the vulva. Advantages of this procedure include:

  • An increase in self-confidence and a more positive body image
  • A decrease in the size of the clitoral hood
  • Enhanced sexual stimulation and an easier ability to reach orgasm
  • Increased comfort during daily activities and sexual intercourse

am i a Candidate for CLITORAL HOOD REDUCTION? 

You will be an ideal candidate for clitoral hood reduction surgery if:

  • You have excess skin that causes you to be self-conscious about your genitalia
  • You have pain, discomfort, or difficulty performing activities because of your large clitoral hood
  • You desire to feel and look more feminine 
  • You desire increased sensation and sexual satisfaction


A clitoral hood reduction is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that generally only requires local anesthesia. During the operation, our plastic surgeon will create small incisions in order to remove and reshape the existing skin and tissues, resulting in an overall uniform and proportional appearance. Once completed, he will place dissolvable sutures in the treated areas. This treatment typically lasts around one hour. Dr. Mizuguchi uses precise techniques that should not affect the nerve endings or surrounding areas, and will produce minimal scarring.

This is the best place to go hands down! The Doctor and Staff always went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and happy. I even get text and calls from their Nurce's before surgery just to check in to see if I had questions and post op to see how I am. Thank you thank you so much! I really look forward to doing more here and I'm even more happy about my results =) thanks for making this a fun and smooth process you all are amazing! This is the most skilled plastic surgon around here guaranteed I wouldent evem consider anyone else.

C.W. Google

Dr mizuguchi and his team are hands down the best! He is amazing! I would not go to anyone else, I trust him 100%. I drive over 2 hrs to see him. His office staff are amazing as well. They are very knowledgeable. If you call the office it does not matter who you talk to they all know what is going on and are able to help you and answer any question you have. They are professional, thorough, and caring. The office is beautiful as well. Dr mizuguchi never disappoints !

G.M. Facebook

Wonderful! Can’t recommend enough. Every member of this team is so pleasant and so sweet! I felt so taken care of from start to finish. They have an excellent, upbeat, happy atmosphere which immediately puts you at ease. Everyone is very knowledgeable, kind and thorough. Such a beautiful clean environment, I honestly could not fault 1 thing about my experience! Thank you all!!!

E.K. Facebook

Decided on 485 cc's under the muscle. I just had my surgery yesterday and so far so good! - I'm 30 years old and I have two kids, I've wanted implants for a long time, after I breastfed my youngest who is now 5 years old, I became very deflated and hated my chest, I was a 36D. I met my surgeon Dr. Mitzuguchi about a month ago and had a virtual consultation where we decided I'd need a lift and I showed him my wish pictures, at my pre op appointment I was able to go in and try on different sizes of implants and we decided on 485 cc's under the muscle, I just had my surgery yesterday and so far so good! I'm very happy with my results so far, and dr. Mitzuguchi and his staff are amazing, very pleasant to work with and very tentative to their patients needs. I'm pretty sore today but it's nothing too bad, I'm on muscle relaxers and pain killers, and I have my first post op visit on Monday!!!

A. RealSelf

Your time with him is never rushed. The staff really takes the time to know you and answer any questions.

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increase your Confidence

If you're feeling self-conscious, are embarrassed to perform certain activities, or feel discomfort from an enlarged clitoral hood, then consider having a reduction surgery. A quick outpatient operation is all that is needed to restore your femininity and boost your confidence. You may also experience more pleasure and sensitivity as a result. Call our Louisville, KY office today. 

how long is recovery from CLITORAL HOOD REDUCTION?

After your clitoral hood reduction, you will feel some minor pain, swelling, and discomfort in the area. You may want to apply ice if necessary and take 3 – 4 days off from work and your normal activities. As the skin heals, you should begin to see your results over time, with a less prominent clitoral hood and more symmetrical, appealing genitalia. You should also feel more comfort during activities and when wearing tight clothing. Sometimes, this surgery can produce increased sensation in the area and more sexual pleasure.  

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What are some other benefits of clitoral hood reduction?

Our clinic is proud to have helped countless patients improve their quality of life with a clitoral hood reduction. This procedure reduces excess skin for enhanced stimulation, increased comfort, and improved aesthetics.

Does clitoral hood reduction affect intercourse?

Excess skin around the clitoris is known to cause discomfort or irritation during intercourse. By removing this skin, patients can enjoy more satisfaction and better intimacy with their partners.

Should I get clitoral hood reduction before or after pregnancy?

In most cases, it is recommended that women wait to have surgery until after all pregnancies are complete. However, if having excess skin around the clitoris is causes symptoms and emotional hardship, this procedure can be performed before pregnancy.

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