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Cellulite typically appears on the legs or buttocks, leading to a bumpy or dimpled look on the skin. Since cellulite is caused by the accrual of fat below the skin's surface, this concern can be challenging to treat by yourself. At Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, Dr. Nana Mizuguchi performs minimally invasive cellulite reduction treatments with the cutting-edge Avéli platform for an observable improvement in the look of cellulite dimples. The treatment targets and severs the septa bands that cause cellulite dimples with the help of a small wand, working to give you a smoother skin appearance. Reach out to our Louisville, KY practice to schedule an appointment and discover more about the outstanding outcomes you could obtain.

At Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mizuguchi uses the Avéli platform to provide a cutting-edge solution to the age-old problem of cellulite. This minimally invasive procedure offers a range of advantages, such as:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Quick treatment process
  • Minimal scarring
  • Compatible with other treatments

If you're bothered by cellulite and seeking an effective treatment, contact our practice to schedule a consultation to discover how Avéli can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Am I a Candidate for Aveli Cellulite Reduction?

Aveli cellulite reduction can be an optimal option for people who are within a good weight range and want to diminish cellulite on the buttocks. The option will benefit those of practically all ages. However, some types of individuals can get improved results than when compared to others. These usually are individuals who have:

  • Noticeable cellulite, fat, and skin texture problems
  • A need for outcomes that last a long time
  • Realistic ideas for their results
  • Generally healthy and a good immune system

Before the Avéli cellulite reduction procedure, Dr. Mizuguchi will identify your treatment locations. Next, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the areas on the thighs or buttocks being treated, after which a few small incisions will be made. Then, a small device will be inserted underneath the skin. The treatment wand, using a hook on the end, cuts and separates the fibrous septa bands that cause cellulite dimples. Because the dimpling bands are physically severed, Dr. Mizuguchi and the Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery team can confirm that the area has been sufficiently treated. The treatment can typically be finished in about an hour, including the time it takes to administer local anesthesia. While Avéli is an exciting platform for smoothing skin and addressing cellulite, it does not treat lax skin or fat pockets. For those concerns, Dr. Mizuguchi may be able to suggest a surgical or nonsurgical treatment to be performed in the same treatment plan as Avéli.

This is the best place to go hands down! The Doctor and Staff always went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and happy. I even get text and calls from their Nurce's before surgery just to check in to see if I had questions and post op to see how I am. Thank you thank you so much! I really look forward to doing more here and I'm even more happy about my results =) thanks for making this a fun and smooth process you all are amazing! This is the most skilled plastic surgon around here guaranteed I wouldent evem consider anyone else.

C.W. Google

Dr mizuguchi and his team are hands down the best! He is amazing! I would not go to anyone else, I trust him 100%. I drive over 2 hrs to see him. His office staff are amazing as well. They are very knowledgeable. If you call the office it does not matter who you talk to they all know what is going on and are able to help you and answer any question you have. They are professional, thorough, and caring. The office is beautiful as well. Dr mizuguchi never disappoints !

G.M. Facebook

Wonderful! Can’t recommend enough. Every member of this team is so pleasant and so sweet! I felt so taken care of from start to finish. They have an excellent, upbeat, happy atmosphere which immediately puts you at ease. Everyone is very knowledgeable, kind and thorough. Such a beautiful clean environment, I honestly could not fault 1 thing about my experience! Thank you all!!!

E.K. Facebook

Decided on 485 cc's under the muscle. I just had my surgery yesterday and so far so good! - I'm 30 years old and I have two kids, I've wanted implants for a long time, after I breastfed my youngest who is now 5 years old, I became very deflated and hated my chest, I was a 36D. I met my surgeon Dr. Mitzuguchi about a month ago and had a virtual consultation where we decided I'd need a lift and I showed him my wish pictures, at my pre op appointment I was able to go in and try on different sizes of implants and we decided on 485 cc's under the muscle, I just had my surgery yesterday and so far so good! I'm very happy with my results so far, and dr. Mitzuguchi and his staff are amazing, very pleasant to work with and very tentative to their patients needs. I'm pretty sore today but it's nothing too bad, I'm on muscle relaxers and pain killers, and I have my first post op visit on Monday!!!

A. RealSelf

Your time with him is never rushed. The staff really takes the time to know you and answer any questions.

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What Should I Expect after Avéli?

After your procedure, there should not be any necessary recovery time, but we suggest that you refrain from high-intensity activities for few days as the body recuperates. Some patients will see slight bruising, inflammation, and tenderness, but these effects should fade in the next few days. You should be able to observe smoother skin within roughly three days with added improvements as collagen grows over the weeks to come. By maintaining a healthy weight, you should reap the benefits of your outcomes for a while. Our team will inform you of how often maintenance treatments are needed to help you keep up your results.

How long do the effects of Avéli cellulite reduction last?
Avéli treatments performed by Dr. Mizuguchi offer a long-lasting solution to cellulite dimples by physically severing the fibrous septa bands. However, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prolong the effects. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help keep new cellulite from forming.

Is Avéli cellulite reduction compatible with other body-contouring treatments?
While Avéli is specifically designed for treating cellulite dimples and not for addressing lax skin or fat pockets, it can be combined with other body-contouring treatments. If you have concerns beyond cellulite, Dr. Mizuguchi may suggest a surgical or nonsurgical treatment that can be performed alongside Avéli as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Can the Avéli treatments cause any scarring?
The Avéli cellulite reduction procedure involves making a few small incisions, which are usually very minor. At Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, we take great care to minimize any potential scarring, and these incisions are often barely noticeable once healed. During your consultation, we will discuss what you can expect in terms of scarring and any measures you can take to further minimize it.

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Many people in Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas are bothered by the annoying appearance of cellulite on the skin. The innovative Avéli device used at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery can work to dramatically reduce the look of cellulite dimpling. We welcome you to contact our practice to book a consultation with Dr. Mizuguchi and hear more about Avéli and all your options for attaining your aesthetic goals.

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