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After Weight Loss Surgery in Louisville, KY

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About This Surgery

Weight loss is a significant accomplishment that should be celebrated and shown off. However, sometimes after losing an extensive amount of weight, your skin can become saggy and loose throughout your body. Dr. Nana Mizuguchi, our board-certified plastic surgeon, wants to help you look and feel your best. He offers post weight loss procedures to help tighten your skin, contour your body, and remove any stubborn fat left. These surgeries can be done in stages or at one time depending on your health and cosmetic needs. We can offer breast enhancement procedures, tummy tucks, arm lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction, and more, which can all be decided on during your consultation at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY. 

Ideal Candidates

Losing more than 100 pounds is an impressive accomplishment, but men and women will see their achievements better with after weight loss surgical contouring procedures. Ideal candidates:

  • Will have medical approval from their weight loss surgery doctor
  • Will be at a sustained weight for at least a year
  • Will have lost close to 100 pounds or more
  • Will be in good health
  • Will be able to have general anesthesia for the surgery
  • Do not smoke

What to Expect

Considering the extensive amount of skin to be removed, this surgery is performed at a local hospital or an accredited ambulatory surgical center with overnight stay capabilities. Our plastic surgeon may also schedule the surgeries to occur 3 – 6 months apart to allow for healing, depending on your overall health and other medical conditions, or to curtail excessive blood loss and limit the risk of infection.

Anticipated Results

Once cleared by our medical team to perform regular physical activity, our after weight loss surgery patients report having more mobility and range of motion when doing basic everyday activities. With all of the extra skin eliminated, they also report feeling dramatically different in their clothes and exude a higher level of self-confidence. Recovery time for each patient is different and will depend on the nature and extent of the surgery performed, as well as the combination of surgeries. Our team does our best to educate you on the procedures and how to best care for your body post surgery.

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With all of the time and investment you have put into your overall weight loss, body contouring is a decision to consider. We encourage you to call today and schedule a consultation to learn more about all of our after weight loss surgery options at our Louisville, KY practice.

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