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What is Dysport?

Dysport, like BOTOX, relaxes the wrinkles in the face using a purified form of the toxin botulinum type A. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi can inject Dysport into your facial skin to temporarily induce paralysis of the muscles, allowing your skin to smooth out and your facial expressions to stop causing lines or creases. Without downtime, you can restore your youthful look and combat common signs of aging through a simple procedure performed on-site at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery. Our staff encourages you to schedule a one-on-one meeting with us at our Louisville, KY practice to find out if you're a good candidate and to start your treatments today. 

Who is A Good Candidate for Dysport?

Dysport is a great wrinkle treatment for patients who have:

  • Wrinkles around the corners of the eyes (Crow’s feet)
  • Frown lines
  • Smile lines
  • Other dynamic wrinkles

What Should I Expect from Dysport Injections?

You will receive your Dysport injection after your face has been cleansed and the desired sites have been marked on your facial skin. Numbing cream can be provided if you're concerned about the pain, though this procedure is generally comfortable and you should feel only a small prick from the thin needle as it is inserted. This is a short, outpatient procedure that typically lasts around 30 – 60 minutes with no downtime associated with it.  

When Will I see My DesireD results from Dysport?

Dysport tends to act faster, spread further, and last longer than other injectable wrinkle relaxers. You may see some results right after your treatment, but you typically will not see your full results until a few days following the injection. You may require multiple sessions to achieve the look that you are seeking. Dysport can produce smoother skin with fewer wrinkles for around 3 – 4 months. 

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Dysport FAQs

How do you prepare for Dysport?

The best way to prepare for Dysport is to consult with Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery. We can make recommendations based on your health and cosmetic goals. Avoid blood thinners for at least several days before treatment to reduce unwanted side effects. Arrive at your appointment with clean skin, free of oils and makeup.

Does Dysport create natural results?

Some people are concerned that Dysport may create a "frozen" appearance. But when administered by a specialist like Dr. Mizuguchi, Dysport creates very natural-looking results. We individualize each treatment — so you look like a refreshed version of yourself, not like someone else entirely.

How else can I ensure success from Dysport?

In addition to finding a professional you trust and preparing your skin, take care to follow all post-treatment instructions. Avoid rubbing or massaging the injection site, as this can cause the Dysport to spread to other areas and create unwanted results. Ice the area and sleep with your head elevated for the first few nights after treatment in Louisville.

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A Youthful Complexion

Dysport is a very popular wrinkle relaxer that can give you that youthful complexion you've been seeking with no downtime or surgical operations. Sometimes called a liquid facelift, Dysport is very effective in taking years off of your appearance. Call our office today to start your treatments. 

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