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The Top Eight Reasons Women Get Breast Augmentation

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 10/14/2019

Is breast augmentation right for you? An inside look at breast implant surgery and why women want to change the way they look and feel.


How to Know If a Mommy Makeover if the Right Procedure for You

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 10/06/2019

Get your body back and have a rejuvenating experience with a mommy makeover when diet and exercise aren’t enough after kids.


A Detailed Guide To Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 09/30/2019

Learn more about the difference between breast lift, breast augmentation, and how you can benefit from either – or both!


Breast Augmentation Do's and Don'ts

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 09/17/2019

Follow this helpful guide to make your breast augmentation recovery a smooth experience.


Make me over! Three common procedures for a mommy makeover

Our Team | 09/07/2019

Are you ready to transform your post-pregnancy body to a refreshed and sexier version of you? A mommy makeover can do just that!


The Basics of a Breast Lift: What You Need to Know

Our Team | 08/29/2019

A breast lift can be an “uplifting” experience. Understand why you might need to consider this procedure as part of a breast augmentation.


6 Questions to Ask a Louisville Plastic Surgeon About Breast Augmentation

Our Team | 08/22/2019

Before undergoing a breast augmentation, make sure you have all of the information about the procedure, your options, your surgeon, and more.


Facial rejuvenation with Ultherapy--the areas it can improve

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 08/15/2019

Attain tighter, rejuvenated skin without the need for surgery with this innovative, nonsurgical procedure.


How To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon In Louisville For Your Mommy Makeover

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 08/08/2019

This personalized set of procedures can help restore a mom's body and her self-confidence. Finding the right surgeon is a key part of the process.


8 Common Reasons Why People Get Tummy Tucks

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 07/21/2019

Restore your waistline and your self-confidence with a transformative tummy tuck.


The Process of The Brazilian Butt Lift Explained

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 07/19/2019

Get the facts about this innovative and transforming process. Know what to expect and what this cosmetic procedure can do for you.


6 Things to Consider When Planning Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Our Team | 07/11/2019

Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, there are many things to take into consideration in order to achieve the best possible outcome.


Nonsurgical Skin Tightening--Look Younger Without Surgery

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 06/30/2019

Turn back the hands of time in about one hour with Ultherapy.


The Different Types of Tummy Tucks Explained. Which One Is Right for You?

Our Team | 06/28/2019

Tummy tuck surgery can significantly change your midsection from droopy, excess skin, to flat, contoured, and fabulous.


The #1 Reason Why Surgeon Skills Matter During A Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Nana Mizuguchi | 06/17/2019

How to get the right curves with the right surgeon. The key to natural results.


I Want Perkier-Looking Breasts. Is Breast Augmentation The Answer?

Our Team | 06/15/2019

Breast implants can help those who are looking to breast augmentation for help.


Innovative Ultherapy has the power to lift faces.. 

Our Team | 06/06/2019

.. and lives!


Finding the Best Louisville Plastic Surgeon to Perform your Breast Augmentation

Our Team | 05/24/2019

Choosing a Breast augmentation surgeon in Louisville, KY


Staying ahead of the curves: 8 reasons Brazilian butt lifts are on the rise

Our Team | 05/20/2019

Brazilian butt lifts are currently one of the most-requested cosmetic treatments.


How to know whether a drainless tummy tuck is right for you?

Our Team | 05/03/2019

With many options available, it's easy to get overwhelmed.


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