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Chin Implants in Louisville, KY

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what is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation surgery is a procedure that our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nana Mizuguchi, offers to his Louisville, KY patients as a way to enhance the jawline and create a stronger profile. A weak or imbalanced chin can greatly affect the overall appearance of the face, making the nose seem larger or disproportional. However, by inserting implants and/or using injectable fillers, the chin can be reshaped for a sharper, fuller, more defined look that creates facial harmony. Dr. Mizuguchi recognizes that having symmetrical features is one of the best ways to cosmetically enhance your face, and he can sit down with you at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery to determine the appropriate augmentation procedures and learn about your aesthetic goals. Just contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

What are the benefits?

Chin augmentation in Louisville, KY at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery offers minute yet noticeable changes to a facial look with several fantastic benefits, like:

  • Improves facial symmetry
  • Gives a more chiseled shape
  • Strengthens the jawline
  • Adds to a weak, or undefined chin
  • Can reduce the size of a very prominent, large chin
  • Can adjust the breadth or height of the chin
  • May contribute to a more aesthetically satisfying shape to the jawline
  • Distracts from the appearance of full jowls and/or a double chin
  • Effects are natural-looking and long-lasting
  • Scars are nearly invisible
  • Safe and effective procedure with life-altering outcomes

am i a candidate for chin implants?

The best candidates for chin augmentation surgery:

  • Have a weak or short chin due to genetics or trauma
  • Have a nose that appears too large
  • Want a more proportionate look for facial balance
  • Want a more distinctive profile

how is chin augmentation performed?

A patient will be under general anesthesia during chin surgery, which is performed as an outpatient procedure at an accredited surgical facility. Our plastic surgeon will make a small incision on either inside of the mouth or under the chin. An implant, which is made of biocompatible, medical-grade materials, will be placed carefully into the incision. After the implant is placed, the incision will be closed. If the incision was made in the mouth, the patient will have no visible scarring. For incisions under the chin, the scar will be carefully hidden to avoid detection. The entire surgery takes around one hour to complete.

how long is recovery after chin augmentation?

Right after chin augmentation surgery, a dressing will be applied to the chin where it should remain for 3 – 4 days. You can expect some pain, tenderness, and swelling. Also, you can experience a tight, stretched sensation following surgery. These symptoms usually go away in about one week. After the swelling subsides in a few weeks, you will be able to see the results of the surgery. The implant will look and feel like normal bone. More importantly, the implant will have the consistency of your natural tissue to make it appear more normal. 

Chin Augmentation FAQs

How much does chin augmentation cost?
Our team can start estimating your costs for chin surgery in your initial consultation once your treatment plan is created. Your cost will depend on the size and type of implant you select, as well as surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees. A surgery like a chin implant can give you beautiful, long-lasting results, so it's better to focus more on finding providers that you trust who have proven results and years of experience instead of shopping for the lowest price. Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery takes several payments and we will help you find low-interest financing, which can make your chin surgery affordable.

Will implants fix my double chin?
Chin implants are designed to give you a sharper, stronger look to your jawline. If you have a double chin, you might be a better candidate for neck liposuction to have the excess fat in your submental area (the upper neck below the jawline) is removed. Sometimes neck liposuction alone can create a new profile and appearance without needing to have an implant procedure. Our team will explain your options and their recommendations during your first appointment.

Can I combine other facial surgeries with chin augmentation?
Some patients combine chin augmentation with other facial surgeries, such as cheek implants or rhinoplasty. Our team can help you choose the procedures match your needs and goals in your initial consultation. It might be difficult to decide on your own what procedure or procedures might be best for you, which is why your consultation is so crucial. We will use our collective years of experience to help you develop your unique plan.

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A short chin not only makes your profile look weak, but it can also make your nose appear to be large and disproportionate. While some patients think they need a nose job, they may only need chin augmentation surgery to achieve full facial harmony and symmetry. If you want to find out if this surgery is right for you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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