Best Bra After Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


What is the best bra after breast augmentation surgery is a very common question asked.  There are no uniform standards for bras after surgery.  Most plastic surgeons, however, encourage the use of a sports bra during the fist few weeks after surgery.  The exact length will vary by surgeon preference.  There are no clinical studies that I know of that has shown any benefits from a sports bra or any bra. The following is my recommendations for bras after breast augmentation. The best bra after breast augmentation that I have found in my practice are the ones that zips in the front.  First, I think it is easier to put on than other bras that you place over your head.  I find bras that zips in the front to provide more lateral support.  This will help your implants to stay closer together.  I primary perform under the muscle breast augmentation so I want to limit implant migration/movement in to your arm pits.  This may be of less concern on implants placed above the muscle. These were found on  

I like my patients to wear a sport bra for the first 4 weeks 24 hours a day.  After the first 4 weeks, I encourage them to wear a sports bra for the first year.  There may be indications when I would have them wear the bra longer or shorter than 4 weeks full-time.  It really depends on how quickly or slowly the breast implants are settling in your situation.  After 4 weeks, I recommend my patients to wear their sports bra at night.  When you lay flat on your back, the breast implants have a tendency to want to drift into your arm pits.  I feel with good lateral support from the sports bra will minimize this problem. The best bra after breast augmentation surgery will vary from individual.  Try to find one that is comfortable and make sure that it provides good lateral support. Let me help you achieve your goals for breast surgery.  Call today for a consultation: 502 899-9979 Nana Mizuguchi, MD 

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