Breast Assessment for Breast Augmentation with Vectra

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


Optimizing your results for breast augmentation requires proper breast assessment of your breast and chest anatomy. Proper breast assessment leads to best selection of breast implant and proper surgical technique to achieve consistent and great results.  Vectra Imaging System helps to obtain breast measurements on a 3D platform by automatically identifying key points such as the sternal notch, nipple position, fold position, etc. to help make the measurements.  Important measurments such as breast widths, nipple to fold distance, and breast volume are easily displayed.  Chest wall and breast asymmetry is easily visualized with 3D images.  These measurement serves as a guide to help me select the proper implant type and size. Asymmetry is normal and common.  On this example, the base width are very similar.  The nipple to fold difference is o.3 cm or less than a quarter of an inch.  The volume difference of 19 cc greater on the right is usually insignificant.  Overall her breasts are very similar. This is the same patient again to analyze the chest wall.  In this case again, demonstrates a small difference in breast size. For this patient, she wanted to be a full C to a D cup.  She needed a volume of about 450cc to achieve her goals.  Based on her chest measurements and soft tissue (obtained by physical exam) I used a 450cc HP Mentor silicone filled gel breast implant for her breast augmentation. Experience and expertise can not replace any computer guides and simulations.  Computers are good at locating obvious land marks and are very consistent.  Physical exam is still very important for breast assessment because the imaging system can not tell me some important anatomical consideration to optimize your results.  Breast soft tissue condition such as lower pole stretch and extent of sternal attachment can only be obtained by a physical exam. Proper breast assessment for breast augmentation will help to get consistent and great results.  On properly selected patients, Vectra Imaging System is just another way to help my patients predict their goal size.   Let me help you achieve your goals.  Call today at (502)899-9979. Nana Mizuguchi, MD 

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