Breast Scars from Surgery

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


Many women fear breast scars from surgery: but I say fear not.  Surgical scars are placed on the breasts in the most favorable location to minimize visibility and maximize shape and volume.  My mantra for breast surgery is to use the smallest scars to get the best results: Sometimes that means to use longer scars.  In general, scars widen because of tension.  Most breast surgery places scars under tension because I am trying to help you improve volume and shape.  Despite this, most breast scars from surgery heal well and never need any further treatments! Breast scars heals like any other scars on your body.  They will take at least one year to fully mature.  The initial scar may look clean with some eversion of the skin edges.  In 2-3 months, the skin edges will become smooth but the scars will turn red.  Most patients are highly concerned about their scars at this stage.   I highly encourage the use of scar treatments at this time.  Most before and after photos are taken at this stage. Between four to six months, your scar will turn from red to purple and soon after the pigments will fade.  Scars are certainly less noticeable at this point.  Your breast shape will be beautiful at this time and scars become less important. Most scars at one year will be white and make take a few more years to regain pigments.  Here is a breast lift with breast augmentation photo at one year.  See if you can see the scars!

See if you can see the scars!

See if you can see the scars!

Some breast scars from surgery may be visibly wide or raised.  Most patients will call these scars keloids.  Most likely raised wide red scars are hypertrophic scars.  Keloids are scars that are raised and wider than width of the scar.  Keloids are rare on the breasts.  Steroid injections are the treatment of choice for either scars. In the previous post Breast Augmentation Scar Treatment, I discussed various scar treatment products commercially available today.  They are highly effective and helpful when used properly and for the right scars. Fear not scars from breast surgery.  Also remember that any scars can be later revised to improve results. Call today and do not be afraid of breast scars form surgery! (502)899-9979 Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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