When Can I Workout After Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


"When can I workout after breast augmentation," is a common question asked after breast surgery.  Breast augmentation is a relatively short surgery but in general some type of anesthesia is required. Some minimal amount of inactivity is required immediately after surgery.  I require 24 hours of home monitor by a family member or friend.  Heart rate should be kept stable.  As usual follow your surgeon's guideline regarding post operative care. Here are my guidelines for when to workout after breast augmentation: Walking is encouraged from day one.  Lower body exercise may be started in two weeks.  You should start light and gradually increase your exercise regimen.  Jogging in about four weeks and running soon after that.  I would certainly wear a good sports bra during any physical activity.  Check here for recommended sports bra. Upper body work requires more patience as far as exercise especially for the chest.  I primarily place the implants for breast augmentation in the sub muscular position.  Initially, the pain after surgery will prevent any attempt at chest exercise.  Overtime, as the muscle relaxes and stretches across the breast implant, the pain will resolve.  During the healing time, I feel it is important to limit chest exercise because the muscle contraction forces the implant into your armpits.  The lateral movement or animation can lead to excess movement of the breast implants.  This is especially noticeable when lying down.  I feel that limiting chest exercise during the first year will allow your capsule to mature in a desirable position.  A good pocket will minimize lateral displacement of your breast implant in the future.  Keeping a stable pocket will also give you a better cleavage. There are some modification for when you can workout after breast augmentation.  Revision surgery may not be the same procedure as a primary breast augmentation.  Breast lift procedure done at the same time may also require different treatment. So as usual, follow your surgeon's guidelines.  Most of my patients return to work within a few days. If you want to improve your breast shape, call now for an appointment: (502)899-9979 Nana Mizuguchi, MD 

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