How Does Liposuction Work To Remove Excess Fat?

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


Fat removal surgery with liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed in the United States. Every year, women and men choose this body contouring procedure to fight problematic areas of fat that have become unresponsive to diet and exercise. Even healthy adults close to their ideal body weight struggle with fat or flabby areas in common spots like the abdomen or lower back. Are you curious how liposuction can reshape your body and what areas respond well to fat removal surgery?

For women and men in Louisville, KY, liposuction has proven to be a cosmetic answer, especially with a specialist like Dr. Nana Mizuguchi. Dr. Mizuguchi is a dual board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon and founder of Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery. He is an expert at contouring, reshaping the body, and excess fat removal with liposuction, and helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Read on to learn more about what liposuction can do and how it provides fantastic results to create the ideal silhouette.

Do you want to reshape your body with liposuction?

Liposuction is a body contouring treatment that removes unwanted fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues in various areas of the body. When a healthy diet and regular exercise do not remove frustrating pockets of fat, liposuction can provide a safe and effective cosmetic option in Louisville, KY. It is a versatile fat reduction treatment that can sculpt and contour a person's body in a myriad of areas. While not an alternative for weight loss, liposuction can put the finishing touches on a patient's body to reveal a slimmer, more fit-looking appearance. In general, good candidates for liposuction are:

  • Overall healthy, nonsmoking, adults
  • Individuals within 30% of their ideal body weight
  • Men and women with firm, elastic skin, and the right muscle tone
  • Do not have pre-existing medical conditions that could impair the healing process
  • Individuals with realistic expectations and goals for this body contouring treatment

How does this fat removal surgery work?

Liposuction is a highly individualized cosmetic procedure for every patient. However, the singular goal of this body contouring treatment is to remove fat cells from a localized area of the body. Depending on how much fat removal is needed, this outpatient procedure generally takes about 1 – 2 hours to complete. It can be done as a solo surgery or paired with other cosmetic procedures, like a mommy makeover or tummy tuck for optimal results. Small incisions are made underneath the skin to allow a small hollow tube, or cannula instrument, to break down targeted fat cells. Once broken up, Dr. Mizuguchi will carefully extract them to sculpt and create a smooth, more toned-looking aesthetic result before closing up the incisions.

Can you permanently reshape your body?

Every procedure is customized for each person by removing fat to give patients the body contouring results they need. Liposuction is a cosmetic treatment that can provide almost immediate results; once post-operative swelling and inflammation begin to subside. The good news is once the localized fat cells are gone, they will not come back. However, any remaining fat cells in the body will grow or expand if patients gain additional weight in the future. Louisville, KY patients who want to preserve their excellent liposuction results must continue to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Liposuction is a safe and effective cosmetic tool with a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Mizuguchi. If you are considering body contouring help and want to learn more about how this fat removal surgery can help, we invite you to contact our office today and schedule a consultation with dual board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY. Reshape your body with liposuction to boost your self-confidence and feel better about how you look.

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