How Long Will the Results of EMSCULPT® Last?

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


Body contouring techniques like liposuction are still a popular choice among women and men, but in the last few years, nonsurgical face and body contouring options like Ultherapy®, BodyTite™, and EMSCULPT have been growing in popularity. Patients have been trying these less invasive options and getting a slimmer, more toned-looking figure as a result. EMSCULPT is a unique treatment that works by causing intense muscle contractions that burn fat and build muscle. The two most commonly treated areas are the glutes and stomach, but EMSCULPT can be utilized to contour the upper arms, back, or thighs when performed by a trained expert like Dr. Nana Mizuguchi.

Dr. Mizuguchi of Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery proudly offers EMSCULPT to his patients in Louisville, KY. Dr. Mizuguchi is a dual board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon committed to helping his patients achieve their personal aesthetic goals. He performs this unique, nonsurgical body contouring procedure to slim and tighten areas of the body that aren't responding to diet or exercise. Are you curious about how it works and how long the results will last? Here is a look at EMSCULPT, the results, and how this contouring treatment could take your body to the next level.

Who is the ideal candidate for EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT is a body sculpting procedure that lifts and tones specific areas without surgery. Despite a person's best efforts to exercise and eat a balanced diet, we can't always achieve a desirable shape and contour to our bodies. Fortunately, EMSCULPT has come onto the cosmetic scene as a noninvasive way to reduce unwanted fat and build more muscle in specific areas. Patients can enjoy more definition in their abdomen or add lift to their derriere, and no downtime is needed. However, this body contouring treatment is not designed for everyone and works best for individuals with these attributes:

  • Physically fit

  • Healthy

  • BMI (body mass index) of 30 or less

  • Ideal weight for their height

What happens during EMSCULPT treatments?

While most noninvasive body contouring treatments target unwanted fat, EMSCULPT builds muscle at the same time. EMSCULPT can tackle unwanted fat cells and stimulate muscle growth for a more sculpted appearance. EMSCULPT uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology, or HIFEM®. The patented HIFEM device is placed on the target area or areas — multiple areas can be simultaneously treated during the approximately 30-minute sessions. Throughout the treatment, the electromagnetic technology forces the underlying muscles to contract intensely. Patients often describe it as feeling like an intense workout. These contractions encourage the growth of protein strands and new muscle fibers, which decreases unwanted fat cells at the same time. The electromagnetic technology simulates exercising, causing underlying tissues and muscles to rebuild and get stronger, leaving patients with a smoother, more fit appearance.

Are EMSCULPT results permanent?

While the fat loss from EMSCULPT can be permanent, the muscle effects typically last around six months or longer. It is recommended that patients get a series of 4 – 8 initial treatments, scheduled 2 – 3 days apart. For patients who want to maintain their EMSCULPT results, follow-up treatments are recommended every 3 – 6 months. It's important for patients to maintain their ideal weight, as weight gain after this body contouring treatment can alter their EMSCULPT results.

Despite your best efforts, contouring your body to your desired appearance may not be possible with diet and exercise alone, and healthy men and women are turning to EMSCULPT treatments to get extra help. This noninvasive treatment builds muscle while it burns fat — other noninvasive body contouring options only target pockets of unwanted fat. The highly focused electromagnetic energy used with EMSCULPT forces muscles to contract in a way not possible with exercise. In response to these contractions, the targeted muscle rebuilds itself and fat begins to melt away. EMSCULPT could give your body that extra push it needs to look fabulous without any discomfort or downtime.

EMSCULPT can help both women and men reach their aesthetic goals. If you live in the Greater Louisville, KY area, we invite you to contact Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery. After a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Nana Mizuguchi can determine if you are the right fit for EMSCULPT treatments. With the noninvasive cosmetic options available today, Dr. Mizuguchi can help you get the results you want so you'll love the way you look.

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