How Should I Lay After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


Getting tummy tuck surgery comes with a wide range of benefits. After your procedure, you’ll have a slimmer, more contoured abdominal area and increased confidence. But one question many patients have is how to recover from a tummy tuck surgery, including how you should lay when you rest and sleep at night. At Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, dual board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguch is committed to helping patients in the Louisville, KY area achieve their body goals using tummy tucks, which includes supporting a healthy recovery. Here’s what you should know about tummy tucks and what to plan for after your body-slimming procedure.

What is a tummy tuck?

Whether due to weight fluctuations, pregnancies, surgeries, or getting older, there are many reasons your abdominal area might not look how you want it to. A tummy tuck – also known as an abdominoplasty surgery – is an effective way to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. This procedure is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can usually go home the same day.

At Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mizuguchi uses an innovative, drainless tummy tuck method. This advanced technique uses special suturing that keeps fluid from building up. As a result, patients won’t require a drain during recovery, leading to a reduced downtime after surgery.

Who might benefit from a tummy tuck?

With a tummy tuck, patients in Louisville, KY can have the tummy area they’ve always wanted. Tummy tucks are great for:

  • Women who have scars, extra skin, or fat deposits from a C-section

  • Individuals who have loose skin over their abdomen or stretch marks

  • Those who have excess skin from weight loss surgery (and have maintained their results for at least a year)

What should I expect after a tummy tuck?

After a tummy tuck, you’ll achieve a tighter, more toned stomach area. After your procedure, you’ll be given a compression garment to wear and allowed to recover from the comfort of your home. While you’ll need to be patient with recovery, our patients experience a reduced recovery time if they undergo drainless abdominoplasty.

Once at home, many patients wonder how they should lay. The best resting and sleeping position after a tummy tuck is on your back, ideally with your upper body on a slight angle (such as with pillows or in a recliner). This helps take the strain off your tummy tuck incision. Try to keep sleeping in this position for 3 – 6 weeks to allow for the most efficient recovery.

While scarring is a natural part of the procedure, our skilled team places incisions in less noticeable areas so that undergarments and swimsuits can hide them. Usually, patients feel that their flatter, more toned stomach significantly outweighs any scarring they experience.

Achieve a slimmer, more contoured figure with tummy tuck surgery in Louisville, KY

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their abdominal area. However, with tummy tucks, there’s no reason to endure the lack of confidence caused by sagging skin or stretch marks. At Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY, Dr. Nana Mizuguchi is dedicated to ensuring patients are satisfied with their results, which includes an efficient recovery. To learn more about how a tummy tuck might be right for you, contact us to schedule an appointment at our office in Louisville, KY.

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