Breast Augmentation and Vectra Imaging System to Pick the Right Implants Size

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


The most profound way my patients can see what their breast will look like after breast augmentation surgery is by using imaging. Looking at before and after results will demonstrate the quality of my work but often is less helpful when deciding on what breast size is best for you.  Using similar sized breast implants can have drastically different result from each individual. Your height, weight, breast tissue, skin condition, chest wall, and body shape are just a few factors that can influence the outcome of your results. Morphing imaging system is by far the best technology that I can offer for my patients today when evaluating breast sizes for breast augmentation.  I use the Canfield Vectra Imaging System.  Hundreds of images are taken instantly and a 3D image is generated.  The Vectra Imaging System has all the available breast implants size and shape so that I can place any combination of implants to demonstrate breast sizes.  The best thing is that it is a simulation image of you. Here is an example: In this example, I have placed a Mentor silicone filled breast implants from 275cc to 450cc.  Vectra imaging system allows me many options including position of the implant which can help to enhance cleavage.  There is a module to simulate a breast lift if that is needed.  I will demonstrate the breast lift in another post. You can see a gradual size change as the implant size increases.  I have changed the implant from a moderate profile plus to a high profile for the 450cc breast implant.  I had to change the profile so the implants will fit better on her chest. I feel that a wide breast makes a person look heavy which is not desirable. You can see the before and after of this patient here: Let me help you achieve your goals.  Call today (502)899-9979. Nana Mizuguchi, MD FACS 

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