The Top Eight Reasons Women Get Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


Have you decided to change the way you look by getting breast implants? Are you tired of not liking your physique when you look in the mirror? Do you want your breasts to be a different shape or size? For most patients, breast implants are a big decision that can be life-changing. For women who have a naturally small bust or who have lost volume and shape due to age or pregnancy, breast augmentation can promote a more confident outlook. Whether you want to look better in a bathing suit or balance out how your body appears in clothes, breast implants are the first step in changing the way you look.


Dr. Nana Mizuguchi is the founder of Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY, and one of the leading plastic surgeons in the area. Dr. Mizuguchi is a dual board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon serving the Louisville and surrounding areas at his private practice. He has extensive experience with breast augmentation and has helped numerous patients achieve the look they desire. 


Augmentation plus a lift

If your natural breasts are droopy or saggy, implants may highlight those issues. The good news is that a breast lift can be done at the same time as augmentation. Working with a skilled expert like Dr. Mizuguchi will ensure you have all the right steps in place to achieve your desired results.


The breast implant procedure

Breast augmentation is the leading cosmetic surgery performed in this country today, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Mizuguchi will help determine the shape, size and type of implant that best fits your body type. After the surgery, women are left with larger, fuller and shapelier breasts that can help to boost confidence in their looks. The positive change in appearance is one of the reasons thousands of women undergo this procedure every day.


Here are the top eight reasons women in Louisville and around the country choose to get breast augmentation:


Naturally small breasts

Women who are born with small breasts (micromastia) may feel less feminine than their counterparts or friends with bigger breasts. Small-breasted patients might feel embarrassed about how they look with or without clothes on. The most common concern is the difficulty of finding clothes that fit well. Breast implants can give patients a fuller bust and a boost of self-confidence regarding their appearance.


Weight loss

Women who have experienced a significant weight loss find their breasts are no longer plump or full. Breasts are mainly composed of fatty tissue so when women lose weight, their breasts are one of the first areas impacted. Breast implants can give women more shape and volume while they maintain their slimmer waistline and healthier weight.


Changes after children

Pregnancy and fluctuating weight during the process can significantly change the appearance of a woman’s breasts. They can lose volume and begin to droop, especially if a woman is pregnant multiple times. Breast implants are an effective way to restore a woman’s figure to more like it was before pregnancy.


To look younger

The natural process of aging causes a woman’s breasts to lose volume, sag, and in some cases, get smaller. Women in their 40s and 50s may consider implants to restore a more youthful appearance to their bustline. Breast augmentation combined with a breast lift can achieve a shapelier and more youthful profile.


Better-fitting clothes

Did you know that average women’s clothes are made to accomodate a C-cup bust? Small-chested women may find it hard to buy clothes that fit if they can’t fill them out. Breast implants may not only make a woman feel more attractive but also better proportioned to fit in her clothing.


More symmetry

It is not uncommon for women to have asymmetrical breasts as a result of uneven growth spurts during puberty, or estrogen levels that can cause one breast to grow at a different rate than the other. This can greatly impact how clothing fits as well as make a woman self-conscious about how she looks. Breast implants can make a patient look more symmetrical and increase her self-confidence.


After a mastectomy

Women who have endured a cancer diagnosis and breast reconstruction are often eager to feel like their old selves. Breast augmentation can be a part of a woman’s breast reconstruction journey following a mastectomy.


To feel sexier

Breast implants can have a positive impact on a woman’s confidence, but this procedure should be a personal decision and not something done to meet another person’s expectations. Getting breast implants is a personal choice for women who may want to feel sexier and more attractive.


For women in the Louisville area, it has never been a better time to consider breast augmentation. With different types of implants, more advanced surgical techniques, and gentler anesthesia, women are getting the beautiful, natural-looking results they desire. Take your first step and schedule a consultation with dual board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY. He can help you get one step closer to loving how you look!

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