Speed Art Museum – Louisville, KY

The Speed Art Museum combines a wide variety of different forms from modern architecture to paintings to interactive exhibits and outdoor spectacles.

About Speed Art Museum

The Speed Art Museum is a great way for you to pass the time and take in a wide variety of art styles and expressions. The museum hosts a number of different types of art, including modern architecture, paintings, sculptures, interactive exhibits, and outdoor spectacles that are sure to wow and impress. The facility also puts on a variety of events such as concerts, educational programs, film festivals, benefits, and more. Our staff loves exploring the museum and seeing what new exhibits they have to offer, and we're sure you'll be inspired by your visit as well. If you would like to learn more about tickets, upcoming events, and other information about touring the Speed Art Museum, then you can visit http://www.speedmuseum.org/


Speed Art Museum 2035 South 3rd Street Louisville KY 40208 Phone: 502-634-2700


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