Four Tips To Maintain Your BodyTite™ Results

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


The BodyTite body contouring system is one of the most exciting choices for refining your curves. This treatment removes stubborn fat and tightens your skin without surgery or scars. Dual board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi and the experts at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery are proud to provide the BodyTite treatment system for our patients in Louisville, KY.

BodyTite from InMode is a solution for patients with pockets of fat around the stomach, arms, chest, and thighs. The BodyTite applicator will go through tiny incisions in your skin and loosen fat deposits with radiofrequency waves, while the applicator’s heat will tighten the skin and tissues in the area to help the skin contract. The number of treatments necessary will vary by patient.

Most patients love how well the BodyTite procedure works, as the fat cells it removes will not return. Be sure you are cautious afterward not to develop loose skin or new fat cells in the treated area.

Here are four tips to help get long-lasting results after your BodyTite procedure:

1. Avoid sudden changes in your weight

Keep your weight stable, if possible, as sudden weight gains or losses could ruin your results. Weight gain can cause new fat cells to appear, with some of those cells larger than the old ones. Weight loss can also trigger sagging, as the tissues that become firm will start to weaken once more. The best rule is to say within about 5 – 10 pounds of your weight to keep the results intact.

2. Keep your skin moisturized

You can also keep your skin moisturized to improve how well the BodyTite treatment works. Hydration improves how well your skin responds to various stresses, keeping it from sagging or weakening.

3. Keep your diet and exercise routines under control

While you might have lost weight before undergoing the BodyTite procedure, our team at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery recommends you keep a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is necessary for helping you avoid various habits that could trigger weight loss or gain, and fatigue around the skin. You can always consult with us for details on how to improve your diet plan and keep it under control.

4. Avoid smoking following the procedure

Smoking can ruin the effects of the BodyTite process, as the chemicals you inhale when smoking can destroy the collagen and elastin around your skin. Those skin fibers become weak and unable to flex or stay close to your natural figure, producing new sagging deposits. The skin will also injure easily because its tissues are not working as well as usual.

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The BodyTite procedure is helpful for patients who need assistance with their body weight. You can consult our dual board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY if you are looking for a smart approach to managing your natural curves. Contact us today to learn more about our work and discover what makes our service ideal for your fat burning and body shaping needs.

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