Should You Expect Scars After FaceTite Treatment?

By: Dr. Nana Mizuguchi


Common signs of aging include sagging skin due to collagen loss. Unfortunately, drooping tissues can lead to an older-looking appearance. Our FaceTite procedure tightens loose skin and can make you seem years younger. It accomplishes this through radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RAFL) to gently heat cells and encourage collagen growth.

So, does FaceTite cause any scarring or damage to the skin? When you visit dual board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi, we can review your concerns about treatment. The great news is that FaceTite should not cause any scarring. If you live in Louisville, KY, do not hesitate to contact Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery to learn about this noninvasive procedure.

How FaceTite works

FaceTite is a groundbreaking treatment that reduces fine lines and tightens loose skin. FaceTite uses similar technology to BodyTite, which takes advantage of advanced radiofrequency energy to work. While BodyTite is meant for the abdomen and thighs, FaceTite is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for smaller and more delicate areas. Candidates for this procedure have mild to moderate signs of aging.

Advantages of FaceTite include:

  • Decrease loose skin and deep lines

  • Reduce the appearance of a double chin

  • Excellent alternative to facelift surgery

  • Procedure is minimally invasive

  • No need for scalpels or extended FaceTite downtime

What about scarring?

Since FaceTite is nonsurgical, it is considered one of the safest ways to rejuvenate your face and neck in Louisville, KY. The radiofrequency used in treatment is the same energy used in other medical procedures, such as MRIs. FaceTite does not require any large incisions, so patients do not have to be concerned about scarring.

Since patient safety is always paramount, our system also has many built-in safety features in place. The temperature is monitored and controlled via thermometers to make sure the heat stays at a comfortable level throughout the process. Men and women seeking rejuvenation get vibrant FaceTite results without having to endure extended FaceTite downtime.

How the procedure is performed

Patients undergo local anesthesia during a FaceTite procedure. Dr. Mizuguchi begins by creating a thin incision and inserting a thin tube called a cannula under the skin. The FaceTite device releases radiofrequency energy that disrupts your fat cells and causes your skin to contract. This is what eventually leads to an increase in collagen and skin tightening properties. Sessions generally last about 45 minutes for one treatment area.

FaceTite results

Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery does not require general anesthesia or lengthy FaceTite downtime. However, you will need a responsible adult to drive you home afterward. You may have some soreness or bruising in the targeted areas, but these side effects will subside in about a week. The minor incisions we create do not need stitches and heal very quickly. Our clinic can give you advice for taking care of the area to avoid infection or other complications.

Tighten loose skin and more

Extensive surgery is not the only option for gaining a younger-looking appearance. Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery uses the latest tools and technology to encourage collagen production in the face and neck. Dr. Nana Mizuguchi performs this minimally invasive treatment at his state-of-the-art facility in Louisville, KY. You can learn about FaceTite results and more by scheduling a skin assessment today.

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