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Dr. Mizuguchi knows what a big step it is to undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments of any kind. He and his staff want to reassure you in your decision and allow you the opportunity to better understand the process. We offer real patient testimonials with reviews and detailed accounts to give you insight into our practice and the experience that you will likely have with Dr. Mizuguchi. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the treatment or consultation process, we invite you to call our office so we can offer our assistance. It is our pleasure to provide you with the opportunity to read through our complete list of testimonials.

Reviews for Labiaplasty Procedures in Louisville, KY

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Jul 22 2020

"My Surgery Journey... - Nana Mizuguchi and his team were absolutely amazing and it made the transition of getting my breast augmentation a pleasant and smooth process. Literally everyone working there is so friendly, professional and will help you with whatever you may need. My sister had previously gotten her breasts enhanced back in November of 2019 and it pretty much sealed the deal that I would be getting mine done next. I had always wanted them done but never jumped on the opportunity. Seeing her post op results from surgery just sealed the deal and I was ready. In March I had went in for my consultation where I met with Tara and Dr Mizuguchi. First time upon meeting Tara, she was so friendly and I felt completely comfortable and relaxed about discussing everything that I was wanting to have done. She went over everything from what we would be doing for the consultation, to my preop visit and preop leading up to surgery, surgery day, and expectations for post op. Literally everything was discussed in details and she answered any and all questions (even though she basically answered all of them just by going over everything with me). I then met with Dr Mizuguchi who was just as friendly and professional! He came in to talk to me and go over any concerns and everything all the way down to even drawing me pictures for better understanding. He went without letting any concerns or questions go unanswered. They both really took the time to talk with me and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I then got to try on the different sizes (I decide to go with the silicon for a more natural feel). Tara helped with this process to try to help me figure out what size really would be best. Mizuguchi then came in to check the sizes because my right chest wall stuck at a little more than the left so my CC’s where different. Before I left, I was already booking my surgery date because I had this team that is so friendly, educated, and caring and I was ready to get the process started. So I booked my pre-op visit where we would go over everything even more in detail and make a final implant size decision. Pre-op appointment went just a smoothly as my consultation. Tara again went over everything and made sure I felt comfortable with the implant size and that all my questions where answered. Dr Mizuguchi also came in to go over everything and expectations wise. Once again, I didn’t feel rushed and left there confident I had made the right decision about the team I chose and the size of the implants. Surgery day was a breeze. It was done at an outpatient surgery clinic where the staff was very friendly and professional. I think my surgery took about 2 hours (I was also getting a labiaplasty). I felt absolutely fine (probably because of the medicine) and I was tightly wrapped up. Obviously with any surgery, you’re going to have some pain. You’re given pain meds, antibiotics, and muscle relaxers and instructions on how to take them. Honestly, post op was not bad. Just rest, drink plenty of water, and let your body heal. At every post op appt, I literally can’t say it enough with how this staff is hands down the best. I had no complications post surgery and my incisions looks absolutely great. I’m now 9 weeks post op and I’m already in love with results I’m seeing. It can take anywhere from 3-6 months for them to drop to where they’ll be (every body is different). The only con through this entire process (which is just a con for myself and has nothing to do with the surgeon or his team) is the drive from my house. It takes around 3 hours to get to Louisville from my house but that definitely speaks volumes on how worth it was to be able to have them as my surgery team. Absolutely 100% satisfied and loving my results. I could not recommend this plastic surgeon and his staff enough."
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